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Sex Toy Friday: Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One Diamond Intimate Massager

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We’re bringing back our Sex Toy Friday special to highlight one of most luxurious vibrators we have in our shop. There are your regular pleasure toys and then you those crafted in elegance that will make you feel rich while delivering a great orgasmic experience. The Twenty One Diamond Massager by Bijoux Indiscrets screams luxury in it’s gold plated diamond shape massager. I never thought I would come across anything like it but don’t .

'Tie Me Up' Bondage Gift Guide

For the woman that looks to dabble in the seductive world of bondage, we have complied a gift guide in honor of the Vixen’s short story “Black Lace” being featured in the Tie Me Up Anthology through Riverdale Ave Books. Each sizzling in this new anthology is dedicated to hot sex along with some whips, chains, and more. Here are a few items you can use to recreate your erotic bondage fantasy. 1. Bijoux .

What to Expect for Our New Pleasure Subscription Service

We recently announced the introduction of our new pleasure subscription service creating a monthly packages filled with beauty and intimacy products. Some of the names you will see are Lelo, Kama Sutra, Fifty Shades of Grey, We-Vibe, and more. Each month your will receive a different set of 4-5 items picked from our boutique with exclusive access to special coupons and sales. The membership fee is $24.95 for a value of $50-100 in products. Each .

Vixen Bedtime Stories: Rich $ex

Vixen Bedtime Story: Rich $ex Written By The Vixen “When are you going to come inside, V? I’m tired of waiting” yelled the man from the bedroom becoming overwhelmed by boredom fueled by his impatience. The room was only illuminated by the soft candlelight scattered along the painted walls of the modest sized bedroom. It was special night for him and his longtime girlfriend, the anniversary of five blissful years together. He was waiting .

The Vixen’s Beauty and Body Holiday Gift Guide

Season greetings Vixens! We’re starting our first in a series of gift guides for the holiday season. To kick off our countdown to Christmas with our Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend sale including 35% off all orders over $100 plus free shipping. We’ve listed our best beauty and body products available in our boutique for fun gift ideas and splurges just in time for the holidays. Hair Care Indulge in this collection of pheromone-infused natural .

Sex Talk: A Honest Conversation About Safe Sex

There are plenty of awkward moments you’ll have when it comes to communicating about your sexual history with your partner. For our generation, safe sex was pushed across the media with celebrities like Magic Johnson and many others that opened up about their status in efforts to spread awareness to others. In light of the recent revelations regarding Charlie Sheen opening up about being HIV-positive, the media has been swirling around his past discretions and .

Love & Wanderlust: A Traveler’s Guide for Amazing Vacation Sex

There’s nothing better than a relaxing vacation in an exotic new location with just you and your lover to get closer for the next few days. My boyfriend and I took our first vacation together to Jamaica earlier this year, it was the first time in our two years together that we traveled together and now we were going to another country to explore the other side of life. Time away can bring wonders .

Best Lubricants for Oral Sex

We pride ourselves in providing the best products to enhance your sex life and bring some more excitement into the bedroom. For this special guide for our Vixen shoppers, we wanted to give you the best suggestions for oral sex. The next time you want to please your love, give them performance they’ll be sure to remember all in delicious flavors that will make your mouth water. From sensual brands like Wicked and Sensuva .

Vixen Bedtime Story: One Last Cry

Vixen Bedtime Story: One Last Cry Written By The Vixen “Wait! Don’t Leave” The woman’s chest was rising and down in a rapid motion with flushed cheeks and eyes soaked in desperation to hold onto the only man she had loved. She knew their forbidden love affair was tainted from their past and the people we had to betray just to keep that secret. Her silky dirty blonde hair clung onto her back against .

Casual & Single: The Art of The One Night Stand

If you’re a young millennial living in today’s world, it can sometimes feel like the need of being relationship seems to be an idea pushed further and further away. I’ve always considered myself a relationship type of girl. I always liked to form a connection with the person I was interested in before I became intimate with them because as a girl, you are groomed the time between when you first start seeing someone .

Love Has No Label? Study Shows Most Women Are Bisexual or Gay

A new UK study led by Dr. Gerulf Rieger at the University of Essex through the Department of Psychology suggests the women are almost never straight but rather bisexual or gay. The study was performed through showing participants a series of videos of naked men and women to 235 people of both genders to record their response. The results of the study showed that 82% of women were found to be sexually aroused by .

A Guide to Natural Aphrodisiacs For Better Sex

There are different ways you can heighten someone’s arousal for sexual desire. The power of attraction and level of desire are two important factors in gauging your connection with someone. To stimulate this sexual desire, people often turn to aphrodisiacs. An aphrodisiac is something meant to stimulate and increase one’s sexual desire for intercourse or foreplay. There are herbal supplements one can purchase but there are a list of all natural foods and herbs you can .

Sex Toy Friday: LELO Siri 2 Music Vibrator Product Review

Be prepared to be swept off your feet to the sounds of your own playlist with this musically-inclined vibrator from luxury brand Lelo. The Siri 2 is a nod to our hold of our technical devices especially when it comes to our playlist. I had the chance to review this product for our monthly special and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with a product from this astounding brand. I immediately my playlist of .

Our November Pleasure Box Has Arrived: “Indulge Me”

Hello November! Our November “Indulge Me” Edition of Vixen Pleasure Box has arrived! Here are the items included our membership box for sensual treats. We’ll be highlighting edible lubricants from Wicked Sensual with your own egg bullet vibrator from Jimmyjane for some private fun in your downtime. Our Box includes the Jimmyjane The Usual Suspects Iconic Bullet ($16.99) plus the JimmyJane Go Explore Indulgences Pocket Pleasure Set (16.99). A $33.98 value for only $24.95 (plus shipping) Our VIP .

Vixen Bedtime Stories: See You in My Nightmares

Vixen Bedtime Story: See You in My Nightmares  Written By The Vixen The cold breeze cut through the room of the glamorous rousing me from my sleep. I looked to the side of my bed and checked the time. It was 3 am in the morning. A bewitching hour in the streets of the glittering streets of the concrete metropolis I called home. I turned over to my side to reach out for warmth to .

Does A Person’s Race Affect How Your Perceive Them Sexually?

We know that looks are an important role in someone’s level of attraction. From the shape of their eye, their pout of their lips, to the shape of their body affect how we rate that person’s physical attraction but what other factors come into play? In the world where people are vocal about all their preferences, a certain study has stuck on to me. I’m sure most of you have seen the results of .

The End of An Era: Playboy Ends Their Nude Centerfolds

Just in case you missed it, the Twittersphere went into a frenzy when the godfather of nude magazines, Playboy, decided that it will no longer show nude pictures on it’s digital or print publication effective next year in March. The change marks a giant rebranding as a result of living in a digital age. At the height of its fame and the signature bunnies, the magazine was a part of every man’s private stash, .

New Announcement: #VixenAfterDark Twitter Chat

We’re happy to announce the return of our sexy Twitter chat series with the Vixen After Dark. Our #VixenAfterDark is our new forum and hashtag for our new next series where we interact with our customers and others on the topics of dating, sexuality, and gender on how they play out in our lives as well as society. We will invite event hosts and special guests to join us along the way. Our new .

How to Shop For The Perfect Vibrator

In the world of pleasure, there is no staple as tried and true as a girl’s go-to vibrator. It is my firm belief that every one should invest in good intimate massager that suits their needs and wants. Just like every woman, not all vibrators are made equal and searching for the perfect vibe that fits you can be quite the challenge. This isn’t your pleasure store of the past. Today, a vibrator can .

Sex Toy Friday: We Vibe 4 Plus Couple’s Intimate Massager

Print-ready image. 

Welcome back to our Sex Toy Friday special where we review our pick for our favorite toy of the month. I’ve been a long time fan of the We-Vibe brand so when I finally got the heart to try the couple’s massager, I was intrigued to see how the sensation would feel. Like most, it was the first time trying a couple’s massager with my partner and I was excited to experience something different. .

Preview Our September Pleasure Box: The Sensual Edition

Portrait of elegant beautiful woman relaxing in a spa bath
Since tomorrow debuts our new Pleasure Box subscription service, we decided to give a sneak preview of what you can expect in this month’s pleasure box set. The theme for this month is being sensual and taking care of yourself. Our box set will include all the items necessary to create a relaxing evening for some much-needed quality time. We tend always to remember to take care of everyone else and always forget to .

Pleasure At Your Fingertips: The Vixen’s Pleasure Box

  Tomorrow begins our new monthly subscription gift box, The Vixen’s Pleasure Box. We have split our exclusive membership into two plans, our basic membership and our VIP membership for their curated box from our pleasure boutique. Our Basic membership includes a new curated gift set every month for $24.95 for a product value of $40 or more. Our VIP membership rolls out the red carpet with a luxurious curated box set from our .