About The Company

vixen-logo_b_red-webMy Little Vixen is a provocative women’s blog dedicated to sexuality, lingerie and femininity designed for the sophisticated woman at heart. Our mission is to become a voice of women who aren’t afraid of their sexuality and embrace their femininity. The face of the modern woman is one that doesn’t shy away from sex or provocative fashion. She embraces it. The Vixen represents a woman who is well rounded, outspoken, and someone who isn’t bounded by a conservative society. She is bold and daring. We refrain from talking about sex in an explicit and pornographic way. It is that blog caters to women from all walks of life that love beautiful things and to be inspired by the world around them. We strive to create a community for women to talk about these issues without fear of judgement or criticism.

Our online boutique will be open in December 2014 for our exclusive pleasure accessories as well as the introduction to our exclusive pleasure parties based in New York City. Our mission is to create a new kind of shopping experience when it comes to women’s lingerie and pleasure accessories through our naughty e-commerce boutique.

About the Vixen


The Vixen is the sophisticated, sexy alter ego of our founder and CEO, Dana Givens. Dana resides in New York, NY where she also is a copywriter and author. Under the Vixen brand, she runs all operations of My Little Vixen LLC and writes the series, Sex With Cocktails inspired by her career in fashion and beginnings of starting My Little Vixen. She also writes contemporary fiction and travel stories (see more here).

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